Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey everybody this is a story about what i am going to do in disney land. first, we are going to leave on wednesday and get on a plane and fly to salt lake and pick up tayler and shelby and my mom and kylee and shalyse and jenna on the plane and then we are going to fly to california and go to the hotel and the beach. the next day we are going to wake up and walk to disneyland!!!!we are going to ride all the rides and i am going to be brave to go on the giant rollercaoster!! it is going to be soo scary!!! but i am brave to go on it. i am going to go to pixie hollow and ride on the fairy ride and see the fairies!! we are going to do lots of other fun stuff too!! thats all i wanted to say. bye! presley


  1. Presley! You seriously dont even know how excited i am! I cant wait. Its going to be so fun! i really want to go on the haunted house ride! me you and shalyse should all go together! and we should ride the teacups too! Do you think we'll be Belle while we're there? i only like the princesses that dont have scary witches too! Minnie is so cute, and so nice. Im excited to see her too! Well ill see you tomorrow! Drive to utah safe! tell grace i cant wait to see her! love ya 987654321Jenna bye!

  2. if i went to disney land i'd ride the goat cart!

  3. O, what fun! I am so jealous. I have never been to Disnyland but I did live in FL when I was younger and grew up going to Disney World. I miss it so much. Have a wonderful time.