Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Little Favorite Kitty Died

My little kitty died that I love, and she is my favorite kitty. Maggie, my friend Davis's dog ate her. My aunt Allie was having a heart attack and me. Then they were going to take the cat to the vet and it died when they was right at the vet and it was the saddest thing. It was my grandmas cat and I loved it. My cat penelope died awhile ago to and my last cat almost died once but allie saved it and now it has a crooked neck. presley

P.S. I am going to disneyland next week with my grandma, allie, tayler, me, my mom, my sister, jenna, shelby, shalyse and we dont know if my dads going yet. Bye presley


  1. presley...i mean carly, i love your blog!!! you are so cute!! from allie

    ps: you should write a story about me!! :)

  2. Soooo sad.... :( I'm so sorry... I know how its like to lose a cat BFF... - cries -