Wednesday, October 7, 2009

st. george and school!

Hi everyone I went to St. George with my grandma Sally and grandma Floss and my grandpa Joe and we had fun there and we went shopping and everything! it was so fun!!! I am at my grandma kathys house because my mommy and daddy are in utah cuz its my grandmas birthday today and they went there to go to her birthday and i get to spend the night here at my grandma kathys and grandpa dave.

I go to kindergarden now and i think its really fun! i see my friend katie killpack there and its so fun and i play with my friends and learn about writing and i learn how to read. we read lots of books, we go to recess and there is a jar thing thats square and then we put things in it when we have good helpers. and when its all filled up, we get to have a party!!!! and we get to eat lots and lots of snacks and we get to play. on "valemstime" day, we get to wear our pajamas to school and we dont have to wear shoes to school!! and on halloween we get to go to my "punkin" patch!!! see ya!!!