Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presley's favorite friend

This is Laura. I like to play with her and she likes to play with me. She is my favorite friend. And my best friend Eric too. But laura is my favorite too and eric is too but i like them both the same. Laura is really pretty and girls rule and boys drool. And she has green eyes and she has long I lashes and me too. And I love to play with her soooooooo much and its my favorite when she plays with me. BYE! presley


  1. PRESLEY!!!!! AH! you are so funny! Allie just told me you had a blog and i had to check it out and see!!! Love you! See you Soon!

  2. what about me presley? i guess it would help if i saw you more than once every 3 years! tell your mom to come visit me in utah. you can play with cam, isaac, and meet macey. it's too freeking cold in idaho for me to come up there. i'd get frost bite. so come visit!