Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is Shalyse's blog post and we are going to write a story about her. Shalyse lives in Utah and she comes to visit us a lot and she likes to play with me, she is the funnest aunt ever. I think she is really pretty and she has brown hair like me. She is a good singer and she has a picture on her wall and she is wearing a blue dress with sparkles on it and a crown on her head. I think she is a princess and I want to be one like her. Bye!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have seven aunts. These two are Shelby and Tayler. They like to do anything with me, they like to play games with me, they like to push me on the swing and shelby's hair is brown like mine. Taylers hair is blonde like my sisters. They love me so much. Tayler likes to pick me up and take me to get laffy taffy's at the gas station. They are really nice and they are so fun to play with.

Love, Presley

I have a new pet. Her name is Rebecca. I take care of her everyday, I feed her, I take care of her and when she is sick i give her medicine. I take her to the doctor and he tells me to take good care of her. My dad bought her for me yesterday at my favorite store, Walgreens.