Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey everybody this is a story about what i am going to do in disney land. first, we are going to leave on wednesday and get on a plane and fly to salt lake and pick up tayler and shelby and my mom and kylee and shalyse and jenna on the plane and then we are going to fly to california and go to the hotel and the beach. the next day we are going to wake up and walk to disneyland!!!!we are going to ride all the rides and i am going to be brave to go on the giant rollercaoster!! it is going to be soo scary!!! but i am brave to go on it. i am going to go to pixie hollow and ride on the fairy ride and see the fairies!! we are going to do lots of other fun stuff too!! thats all i wanted to say. bye! presley

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Grandma Sally

My grandma likes to make me toast and she likes to make me hot chocolate when I go to her house. She likes to babysit me and push me on the swing and it's really fun. She likes to take me to Walgreens and TJ Maxx and one time she took me to get a purse and it was really awesome. The other ones had stars on them but the one I got had smiley faces on it and it was pink and white. And she has red hair. And I love her. She's my favorite grandma and so it grandma cathy. bye. presley


This a story about my aunt Allie, and she likes to play with me alot. After she gets back from school she likes to play with me and it's so fun. She likes to play hide and go seek with me and blink and wacky 6 and it's so fun. She reads my blog and we like to play games. We play operation too. I don't know what else. That's all I want to say. Bye! presley

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presley's favorite friend

This is Laura. I like to play with her and she likes to play with me. She is my favorite friend. And my best friend Eric too. But laura is my favorite too and eric is too but i like them both the same. Laura is really pretty and girls rule and boys drool. And she has green eyes and she has long I lashes and me too. And I love to play with her soooooooo much and its my favorite when she plays with me. BYE! presley


This is a story about Eric. He is my friend. He is really really tall and he likes to play with me. He is funny and he guessed my password. I just gave him a clue and he guessed it. I didnt really think that he could guess it but he did. I thought he would never guess it in a million years but he did. He pretty much comes everywhere with us. One of these pictures was when we was in st george with me and we had laffy taffys in our mouths. We didnt even have to hold them we just put our mouths on them and they stayed. This is a story about Eric, BYE! presley

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Aunt Jenna

This is a story about my Aunt Jenna. She likes to play with me and its so fun. She likes to push me on the swing. Jenna lives in Utah. She loves me so much, she likes to play games with me too, its fun and i laugh. She likes to babysit me. One time I spent the night at her house in Idaho Falls where her Mom and Dad and her family lives, while my mom and dad were gone. She has blonde hair and she is really pretty. Bye presley987654321 and gone.

My Dad

My dad is strong and he likes to play games with me and play with me, its really fun and he loves me. He like to take me places and he lets me get one thing. He has brown hair like me and my mom and my brother. My sister has blonde hair but...we still love her. He is really handsome and he likes guns. He takes care of me when my mom is gone. And this is a story about my dad Bye! presley

The Mountains

On sunday after church my dad took us and my whole family went to the mountains. It was so fun but i was crying because i was really scared. We drove the truck and we drove up to the mountains and drove around in the mud. We took the dog and he jumped out of the back of the truck. It was really fun.


My nickname is Rebecca. My real name is Carly. My middle name is Presley and my whole name is Presley Rebecca Kate Carly Walker. And I love my new nickname. From now on can you please call me Carly instead of Presley. And I hope you like it, call me everyday when you want to. At anytime but it has to be everyday. So Bye! presley

My Little Favorite Kitty Died

My little kitty died that I love, and she is my favorite kitty. Maggie, my friend Davis's dog ate her. My aunt Allie was having a heart attack and me. Then they were going to take the cat to the vet and it died when they was right at the vet and it was the saddest thing. It was my grandmas cat and I loved it. My cat penelope died awhile ago to and my last cat almost died once but allie saved it and now it has a crooked neck. presley

P.S. I am going to disneyland next week with my grandma, allie, tayler, me, my mom, my sister, jenna, shelby, shalyse and we dont know if my dads going yet. Bye presley

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today after church I was at my grandmas house. Zach a little stinker...and he is my cousin too. He was being naughty because he took my sister grace into my aunt allies rooms and they colored all over the walls and the chair and the rug and the bed and the dresser and the desk and the picture frames and on allies bed and her blankets with a PERMANET marker! We found it and they were being so naughty. That made my grandma feel bad and grandma was so mad at them. I also found a cell phone today at my grandmas that she said i could have but now i cant find it. And then we had to scrub the walls for like three hours and tear off the wallpaper and allie is going to get a new room...finally! Bye

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi. This is Presley and I went to St George to see my cousins and my aunt and uncle and it was so fun and warm. They took me to get hiking shoes and we went hiking and we went swimming and we went to a park and it was so fun and i loved it. We went to Red Rocks and we hiked there, it was so fun! And there was a lot of tunnels and we went in them and climbed up big rocks. We catched lizards and we saw two of them and they were so fat. I went down in my cousins swing and I said BOO and she started laughing so hard and it was the first time she ever laughed and my grandma and my aunt said it was so cute! Bye!